Tattooed Stud Kurt Rogers Picks Up Scruffy Hitchhiker Dillon Buck

Kurt Rogers heads home at the end of the day and spots Dillon Buck — a hot, scruffy hitchhiker at the side of the road — in the British countryside. Kurt stops to pick up the handsome young Brit and Dillon decides he wants to repay Kurt for the ride. The tattooed and bald stud takes Kurt home and soon finds himself face-to-cock with a huge, curved piece of beautiful meat! The hungry cocksucker goes to town, swallowing every inch of Dillon’s cock. Dillon decides the best way to thank Kurt is to give him a deep fuck so he turns Kurt around and eats his pink pucker while Kurt bends over to suck Dillon’s cock. After priming Kurt’s manhole with spit, Dillon pulls the masculine jock down onto his cock. Slowly but surely, Kurt impales himself on Dillon’s pole until he’s got it all buried deep inside him. When Dillon blows his load he drenches Kurt’s handsome face with a steamy cum facial!

hitchhiker with big dick gets sucked off then fucks driver

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