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Lucas Knowles and Ludovic Canot In Worshop Fuck Session

In this scene from AlphaMale, we’ve paired up hot Brit stud Lucas Knowles and Ludovic Canot. Lucas receives an offer from someone to buy his workshop but he’s got to get some things fixed first. Enter raunchy repairman Ludovic Canot! The dark, good looking Gallic hunk with the smooth muscular physique can’t contain himself in his work overalls as he eyes the handsome and sexy Lucas. The feeling’s mutual since Lucas can’t seem to resist stroking his thick shaft as he starts to get hard. With a knowing smile, a sexually charged and filthy Frenchman takes note and soon wraps his lips around Lucas’ fat, stiff cock. He sucks on the juicy piece of meat and the two soon forget about the repairs, focusing their attention on sucking and fucking! Pay close attention as Lucas’ toned torso tenses with each and ever thrust into the other man’s tight, eager hole!

french stud repairman and humpy Englishman suck and fuck in workshop

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