Bearded Hunk Samson Stone Topped By Muscle Bear Bruno Knight

They say idle hands are the devil’s work. Well, in this next EXCLUSIVE serialized scene from Alpha Male, idle hands might not be the devil’s work but they’re definitely a direct result of two horny men who have little work to do! Hammer and Crowbar, who are played by hot beefy porn models Bruno Knight and Samson Stone, have boxes tossed at them by their Boss, played by Trojan Rock. He’s got to go to Handymen HQ to take care of some business but once he’s gone, the muscle bears stop sorting boxes and put their tongues to good use. Licking, sucking, chewing on massive pecs, armpits, fat juicy cocks. After swapping spit and trading blowjobs the beefy fuckers rim hairy holes. Bruno mounts Samson and hammers away, hence his nickname, and leaves Samson quite satisfied with a juicy load deposited directly into his mouth. Samson, eager cocksucker that he is, laps it all up as it’s still juicing out of Bruno’s dick and fires off a good cum load of his own.

Muscle Bear Bruno Knight Tops Bearded Hunk Samson Stone

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