Behind The Scenes At Trojan's ToolBox HQ

The porn industry can sometimes be, if you’ll pardon the expression, really hard. But sometimes, when you get good, reliable people together who are passionate about what they’re doing, everything just kinda comes together like a well-lubed machine. At, it’s no different. But we like to have fun, too! So, for those of you who’ve ever wondered what it was like on set, check out this EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes look at the men on set as we film, “Trojan’s ToolBox.” Directed by Maxwell B., you’ll see members of his crew, as well as porn superstar Trojan Rock with an amazingly hot and masculine cast: Gio Cruz, Bruno Knight, Ben Brown and Samson Stone, just to name a few! It’s a documentary style segment giving you the inside scoop on the fluffing, filming and fucking that takes place once the cameras start to roll and the men’s overalls come down. In between the ass licking, cock sucking, and wild fucking are interviews with Ben Brown and cheeky moments backstage with bearded bottom Daddy Sampson Stone and stud puppy Bruno Knight. Even Trojan’s dog has something to say! Plus, you’ll hear from Maxwell B. and sex-pert stud, Trojan Rock himself, creators of this mouth-watering, cock-drooling, and butthole twitching new series.

Behind The Scenes Fluffing, Filming and Fucking on Set at Trojans ToolBox

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