Braxton Bond Plays with Bruno Knight's Big Hairy Balls is proud to deliver an exclusive scene that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. And better yet, it’s bound to satisfy the most hardcore of anal fans! With two of the biggest current gay porn stars — American Super Stud Braxton Bond and beefy muscle bear Bruno Knight — how can you go wrong? During a game of tennis, blond Braxton and dark-haired Bruno start rubbing each others balls long before a call of “Love all” is even possible! After stripping down, Braxton chokes on Bruno’s fat cock, tugging on his hairy balls to keep them from banging on his chin. They move off-court and the beefy, masculine and bearded Bruno takes control of Braxton and marks his territory. Using his tongue, plenty of spit, and his fingers, Bruno stretches Braxton’s hole in some extreme ass play. He gets Braxton to the point where he’s gasping for more. So, Bruno gives him exactly what he wants. He fucks Braxton fast and furious, his thick, long cock pumping in and out of Braxton repeatedly! By the end, after the guys shoot some heavy loads, each is left gasping and exhausted but very satisfied. Game, Set and Match!

braxton bond and bruno knight have sex outdoors after a sweaty tennis match

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