Muscle Bear Thunder Tops and Fucks Trojan Rock

If you’re into beefy muscle bear dads, you’re going to cream your pants when you check out this scene with Trojan Rock and Thunder. From the very start, when they meet at the gym, it was obvious something was going on between these man mountains! No one could have guessed Thunder would agree so quickly to filming a porn movie with Trojan. There was just one tiny sacrifice Trojan would have to make before taking Thunder’s cock down his throat. He’d have to give it up for Thunder. Trojan finally agreed and the result was rarely seen footage of Trojan getting topped, fucked and pounded.

Once at the studio, neither could keep their hands off each other. Director Maxwell B had a hard time keeping up as the hairy masculine men locked lips, kissed, sucked and tongued holes. When the time came to fuck, Thunder was a man possessed. He and Trojan were rabid for each other and didn’t stop until Thunder pulled out and covered Trojan in a mess of hot muscle bear cum!

Trojan Rock Topped and Fucked by Thunder

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