Muscle Hunk Zak Hood Worshipped Then Fucked By Ripped Jock Martin Peters

The bigger they are, the harder the fall. That was certainly true in this scene with big and beefy bodybuilder Zak Hood. But he didn’t so much fall as much as he did give his ass up to ripped gym jock Martin Peters. At first, they were all about the hugging, kissing and squeezing. Martin definitely got into muscle worship with the warrior-like Zak. Then, after oiling up his body and working the bulging pecs and biceps, Martin was wonderfully surprised when Zak laid on his back and spread his massive thighs. Martin rimmed the hunks muscular ass before working his long, rockhard cock deep inside the beefy, masculine bottom. Zak gets fucked hard, pounded by Martin who turns into a ravaging ass hound. Judging by the look on Zak’s face, however, he didn’t seem to mind the terrific pounding as he took every inch of Martin’s cock.

Muscle Hunk Zak Hood Fucked By College Jock Martin Peters

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