Patrick Banks Gets His Hairy Little Ass Fucked By Gio Cruz

The sexual hijinks at Trojan’s Handymen continues. This time, with bearded, mohawk-wearing Yohan, played by Patrick Banks, and masculine stud fucker Driller, played by Gio Cruz. What the two don’t know, however, is that Trojan has installed a camera at the office so he can get in on the action whenever he wants! Yohan, the new office manager, tells Driller what to do but the Latin hunk isn’t paying attention. He’s too busy imagining what it would be like to bend the new guy over and impale his ass. When Driller spots a bag of swimwear he jokingly asks if he can try them on. Next thing you know they’re both slipping into trunks and Yohan’s giving Driller a helping hand in the form of a wet, sloppy blowjob. After a while, though, Driller pulls Yohan’s trunks off, eats his hairy ass and penetrates the slender young man’s tight fuckhole. Yohan takes it like a champ and discovers the reason for the handymen’s nickname of Driller before they both erupt with satisfying loads.

Handyman Gio Cruz Drills Patrick Banks With His Fat Cock

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