Personal Trainer Alec Hill Gets A Stiff Workout From Gio Cruz

The smokin’ hot sexual escapades continue this week with the latest installment “Trojan’s ToolBox.” This time, Trojan’s received a call at HQ Alec Hill, a personal trainer in desperate need of…brushing up on his technique. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Naturally, there’s only one man suitable for what Trojan knows will be a tricky situation. So, making sure he knows the company commandment, Trojan sends Spanner (Gio Cruz) to meet up with Alec and do what he knows how to does best: fuck like a drilling machine! Gio finds that when Alec arrives at the ToolBox HQ gym, he’s forgotten his gym clothes. But it’s no problem for Gio. With a wink of an eye, he lets Alec know, “Not to worry. You’ll have to strip to work out. Jocks and socks is OK by me!” When Alec exposes his lean, hairy body, Gio can’t believe his luck. His cock reacts instantly and Alec lets the tattooed, masculine bodybuilder make his move. Then, as things heat up, Alec takes the lead, allowing his inner power bottom to come out because he truly needs a stiff workout to remember for a while to come. The men kiss for a while before Alec starts slobbering on Gio’s throbbing slab of beef. He eats Gio’s huge hard cock with an amazing hunger and Gio enjoys letting him work his man meat. Until his own desires make him flip Alec around. Gio eats Alec’s furry ass, his tongue working the sweet hole and stretching it out until it’s ready to be stuffed and pumped. Gio takes Alec from behind then puts him on his back, fucking the hungry power bottom deep, hard, and steady. As he takes all of Gio’s enormous cock, Alec groans like a wild man before shooting a sweet, hot load of white, creamy man milk. then, when Gio pulls out, he spews a massive load of cum of his own, showering Alec’s cock and balls. After they calm down, with Trojan’s company motto in mind, Gio bends over and gives Alec a kiss and suggests: “You should come work for us, you’re very good.” And you know what? He just might. To be continued…

Gio Cruz Gives Personal Trainer Alec Hill A Stiff Workout

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