Straight Bodybuilder Randy Jones Fucks Muscle Cub Ben Brown

There’s something about having a straight man. It’s forbidden and taboo and perhaps that’s why we want it so badly. Muscle cub Ben Brown, who plays Spanner, shows us just how much our desire for straight men will drive us. In this installment of Trojan’s Handymen’s sexual escapades, Randy gets Spanner naked; not that it would have taken much. Spanner is about to go one hell of a ride mounted firmly on Randy’s enormous cock! So, after Spanner sucks him off, he gets flipped on his back and his hairy hole is played with, spit on, and penetrated by Randy’s huge slab of throbbing beef. Randy gets very vocal and calls Spanner his bitch and his boy but we don’t hear the bottom muscle cub complaining. He just takes it all, panting and groaning and taking it like a hungry manhoe. When neither can hold back any longer, Randy shoots all over Ben’s beard and the greedy muscle cub shoots his own jizz soon after.

Muscle Cub Ben Brown Fucked By Straight Bodybuilder Randy Jones

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