Thunder Gives Trojan Rock A Cum Facial

Want to see something that’ll put a smile on your face? Try this scene with Trojan Rock and massive muscle hunk, Thunder. It’s the first in a series of exclusives: Trojan’s conquests! In this scene, Trojan invited his body building workout mate back to the studio for a full-body massage. Yeah, that’s right. A massage. Like Trojan could possibly keep his mind off Thunder’s huge, beefy ass! Even Trojan admitted that, “trying to get my tongue deep in that crevasse was a major achievement but worth the adventure!” When Thunder turns over, Trojan swallows the uncut cock deep down his throat, stopping only long enough to rub oil over Thunder’s rippling muscles, then finish him off by putting his head on Thunder’s massive, 49-inch chest and pulling on his cock. When Thunder shoots it’s like a gallon of cum hits Trojan’s face. The cum facial sure put a smile on Trojan’s face so we think it just might do the same for you!

Trojan Rock Gets Cum Facial From Massive Thunder

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