Toned Jock Matthew Ross Fucked by Beefy Muscle Bear Zack Hood

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLY ON AMF! This scene features toned muscled jock Matthew Ross and beefy, masculine hunk Zack Hood. So, if you’re into rough looking stud fuckers and contrasting pretty boys, make sure you check this one out as the two kiss to the point that it looks like they might devour each other. Zack sucking cock is hot, but watching Matthew Ross suck a fat one is hotter still! There’s just something about luscious red lips stretched wide and wrapped around a juicy piece of meat. Damn, and when he looks up in your eyes? Hmmm. Makes you wanna fuck his sweet hot lips as if you were fucking his ass. And speaking of ass, Matthew presents his beautiful ass to Zack for the big guy to use. And Zack does. He just slips in the rubber real quick and works his dick inside Matthew’s tight hole. No rimming, no preliminaries. The two horny men go at it and you can practically smell the sweat and sex as Zack takes Matthew from behind, then sits back so the bottom jock can ride him. Matthew works those hips up and down and from side to side until both men spew some big loads of ball juice that dribbles down and makes you wish you could be right there, lapping it all up.

Beefy Muscle Bear Zack Hood and Toned Jock Matthew Ross

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