Trojan Rock Interviews Gio Cruz for a “Driller”

In this EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at Trojan Rock’s weekly, episodic tale of Handymen and their big tools, an amazingly hot, tattooed Latin stud comes to interview with Trojan. With little more than a piece of paper, Driller knows he’s going to have to work extra hard at impressing the Boss. So he does. He drops to his knees and within minutes is swallowing Trojan down to the balls. The beefy muscle bear is definitely impressed by Driller’s talents, passion and oral skills and soon returns the favor. How can he not? Especially with that hot fat dick! So Trojan brings Driller on and the rest of the team lubes up to give him a good welcome.

Behind The Scenes with Beefy Muscle Bear Trojan Rock and Muscled Latin Stud Driller

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