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Zack Elias and Justin Harris, Clothing Make The Man

They say clothing makes the man. We think that’s true. Just take a look at Zack Elias and Justin Harris. They look sharp and they’re smoking hot in this scene from but then why do they look so damn good out of their clothes? Justin frees Zack’s beautiful, enormous cock and swallows the long, fat shaft. Whole! It’s pretty clear that Zack soon gets into the dick service he’s getting from Justin, if you can judge by all the moaning and groaning. But then again, Justin obviously loves servicing the big-dicked stud. After a while, Zack puts his cock to even better use and treats Justin to the fuck of his life. He stretches the jock’s hole wider than it’s ever been stretched before and gives him a deep, hard pounding!

Zack Elias and Justin Harris Discover Clothes Make The Man

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Personal Trainer Alec Hill Gets A Stiff Workout From Gio Cruz

The smokin’ hot sexual escapades continue this week with the latest installment “Trojan’s ToolBox.” This time, Trojan’s received a call at HQ Alec Hill, a personal trainer in desperate need of…brushing up on his technique. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Naturally, there’s only one man suitable for what Trojan knows will be a tricky situation. So, making sure he knows the company commandment, Trojan sends Spanner (Gio Cruz) to meet up with Alec and do what he knows how to does best: fuck like a drilling machine! Gio finds that when Alec arrives at the ToolBox HQ gym, he’s forgotten his gym clothes. But it’s no problem for Gio. With a wink of an eye, he lets Alec know, “Not to worry. You’ll have to strip to work out. Jocks and socks is OK by me!” When Alec exposes his lean, hairy body, Gio can’t believe his luck. His cock reacts instantly and Alec lets the tattooed, masculine bodybuilder make his move. Then, as things heat up, Alec takes the lead, allowing his inner power bottom to come out because he truly needs a stiff workout to remember for a while to come. The men kiss for a while before Alec starts slobbering on Gio’s throbbing slab of beef. He eats Gio’s huge hard cock with an amazing hunger and Gio enjoys letting him work his man meat. Until his own desires make him flip Alec around. Gio eats Alec’s furry ass, his tongue working the sweet hole and stretching it out until it’s ready to be stuffed and pumped. Gio takes Alec from behind then puts him on his back, fucking the hungry power bottom deep, hard, and steady. As he takes all of Gio’s enormous cock, Alec groans like a wild man before shooting a sweet, hot load of white, creamy man milk. then, when Gio pulls out, he spews a massive load of cum of his own, showering Alec’s cock and balls. After they calm down, with Trojan’s company motto in mind, Gio bends over and gives Alec a kiss and suggests: “You should come work for us, you’re very good.” And you know what? He just might. To be continued…

Gio Cruz Gives Personal Trainer Alec Hill A Stiff Workout

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Muscle Bear Thunder Tops and Fucks Trojan Rock

If you’re into beefy muscle bear dads, you’re going to cream your pants when you check out this scene with Trojan Rock and Thunder. From the very start, when they meet at the gym, it was obvious something was going on between these man mountains! No one could have guessed Thunder would agree so quickly to filming a porn movie with Trojan. There was just one tiny sacrifice Trojan would have to make before taking Thunder’s cock down his throat. He’d have to give it up for Thunder. Trojan finally agreed and the result was rarely seen footage of Trojan getting topped, fucked and pounded.

Once at the studio, neither could keep their hands off each other. Director Maxwell B had a hard time keeping up as the hairy masculine men locked lips, kissed, sucked and tongued holes. When the time came to fuck, Thunder was a man possessed. He and Trojan were rabid for each other and didn’t stop until Thunder pulled out and covered Trojan in a mess of hot muscle bear cum!

Trojan Rock Topped and Fucked by Thunder

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Gio Cruz and Samson Stone In A “Tits And Pits” Fetish Special

We continue the steamy dream of the men from Trojan’s Handymen. In this scene, Gio Cruz and Samson Stone find that working on electric cabling can be rather mundane and tedious. Horny and looking for some sparks, the two get naked and explore their mutual fetish of armpits and nipple play. When these live wires come together they positively sizzle with kissing, licking and sucking pits and tits. All those manscents get them going and hard cocks meet warm, moist mouths. Driller, played by Gio Cruz, then digs into Crowbar, played by Samson Stone. The beefy latino leaves no hole unturned, unlicked or unfingered as he handles the hairy masculine bottom’s juicy fuckhole. After plugged it with his cock and pumping Crowbar full of meat, Driller and Crowbar both explode with flying spurts of man juice. Sadly, they have to get back to work but, doesn’t it make you want to take a break of your own?

Tits And Pits Fetish Special With Gio Cruz and Samson Stone

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Valentin Alsina Gives Gio Cruz A Massage At Trojan's Toolbox HQ

The hunky, masculine men at Trojan Rock’s Toolbox HQ have been working diligently and very hard. Trojan sometimes rides them but he only does it because he wants their customers to get the very best in service. Naturally, when the men get to the point where they have to blow off a little steam, nothing beats a massage and no one knows this better than Trojan himself. A huge advocate of deep tissue work, Trojan rewards Driller (Gio Cruz) with humpy massage the Valentin Alsina, a slender, tattooed hottie who can’t seem to keep his mind off Driller’s beefy, bubble butt. And how can you resist when it’s so perky, so round, and so meaty! Valentin barely gives Gio the deep tissue massage he needs and goes straight for his ass, spitting into it and working two fingers into the Latin bodybuilder’s juicy dark brown ring. Soon, however, Valentin pulls Driller’s cock out from beneath him, pulls it back and begins to worship the only way a true cocksucker can. The hot Latino then sits himself down on Driller’s face and rides the masculine man’s tongue for a very long time, making sure his hole is primed before he impales himself on the long, fat, uncut cock. Valentin rides Driller before getting rolled over on his belly, while still on the table, and finds out how the massive hung top got his nickname.

Gio Cruz Gets Massaged By Valentin Alsina At Toolbox HQ

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