A Behind The Scenes Exclusive With Trojan Rock At The Toolbox

Wanna see what’s up at The Toolbox? Then make sure you catch Trojan Rock as he takes you around and let’s you in on his merry mischief-making amongst his staff. How else is he going to keep them on their toes? Besides, it’s not like the hot masculine studs mind. They get the work done but they know how to have a bit of fun. Now you can, too! See where Gio Cruz hides his sex toys and what happens when Trojan finds out and sends Nathan Price over to fix the sink. Then watch what unfolds when Scott Hunter, at Trojan’s request, snaps a picture of massive muscle bound hunk Jack Union in the locker room. You’ll also get a taste of what happens when Trojan sends Valentin Alsina to deliver a mysterious package to Pablo Nunez. Plus, along with Trojan, you’ll be in pig Latin heaven when two tops, Lucio Saints and Jean Franko, get sent to clear out some rubbish. Exclusive, and only at the Toolbox!

AMF Behind The Scenes Exclusive for June 2012

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