Behind The Scenes At AMF With Frontman Ashley Ryder

It’s time to head out with your docu-drama adventure host Ashley Ryder, who takes you on an EXCLUSIVE look behind the scenes at upcoming scenes from AMF. You’ll see one of the most cruisy places in all of England where Ashley looks for the infamous “Homo Erectus” now in mating season! Then again, every day is mating season for this creature from the homosexual species. And thank goodness, too! Sometimes you just can’t hold out for a particular season. When you want cock, you need it NOW. And speaking of cock, you’ll get to see a few other AMF men having fun on location, including Dominic Pacifico, Dolan Wolf, Issac Jones, Nathan Price, director Jack Jones, pornstar Trojan Rock (lucky Toolbox owner!), Marco Sessions, Duke Michaels, and Dean Matthews.

Ashley Ryder takes you behind the scenes at AMF

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