Flip Flopping Fuckers Nathan Price And Conner Habib

You know how construction and contracting works. You have one crew of workers do their thing then another comes in to do theirs. It’s an intricate process, depending highly on the previous person. It’s almost like passing a baton during a race. Which is the case here with Nathan Price and Conner Habib. Both hot men show up to do their job, despite the fact that each has his mind in the gutter. Naturally, when they get there, the find they’ve wasted their time because the previous workers never finished their bit, nor did they tell anyone about it! Good thing they didn’t work for Trojan at The Toolbox or he’d have had their asses served to them on a silver platter. As it is, Nathan and Conner take advantage of the situation and wind up kissing, feeling each other up and sniffing and licking armpits. But that all turns into sucking cock, rimming and a hot 69 that gets them both super horned up for cock and fucking the hell out of each other. Conner practically explodes with his cum load and Nathan has to take a step back to keep from getting hit. Can’t have an injury on the job you know. Workman’s comp.

Conner Habib and Nathan Price trade blowjobs, rim each other, then 69 before flip fucking

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