For Want Of A Massive Muscle God

Most guys wouldn’t fuck around with massive muscle god Jack Union. Then again, Scott Hunter’s not like any other guy. He’s got a thing for big, beefy men and Jack’s going to do just fine to help him satisfy his craving and the itch up his ass he’s trying to relieve with the combination cockring, ball stretcher, butt plug. But Scott’s got an ulterior motive. It’s not just because he needs to be properly used by a big man like Jack. You see, Trojan Rock’s put Scott up to it so, while it would appear Scott’s hanging out in the locker room doing nothing, he’s really carrying out the Boss’s request to see a picture of Jack changing out of his workout clothes and into his blue jumpsuit. Lucky for Scott — and Trojan — Jack’s got a thing for guys littler than him One thing’s for sure. He looks damn hot on his knees sucking cock and he knows how to use a dildo on conniving little power bottom’s like Scott!

Scott Hunter takes a picture of Jack Union and winds up getting fucked with a dildo

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