Issac Jones Jerks Off Alone In His Tent

Issac Jones wakes up sweaty, hot, and still horny. Even though he fucked Dominic Pacifico much earlier, Issac is just so in need of getting off he has to jerk off all alone. Poor thing. But he doesn’t mind. Sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands, tug on your own balls, squeeze your own nipples. In fact, the only thing that could make this solo scene hotter is if he were watching porn. But as luck would have it, his tent is nearby another where there is some heavy duty fucking taking place. Being the voyeur that he is, Issac Jones beers in the sight of Dolan Wolf fucking Marco Sessions before the hung, uncut and tattooed Frenchman spills a huge load of freshly churned cream all over the tent floor. Too bad there was no one there to take it. These things are usually best served piping hot and frequently, straight from the source!

Issac Jones jerks off in his tent watching two other men fuck

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