Lucio Saints Gets A Helping Hand Flying Solo

When Trojan Rock makes a date with a man, he keeps it whether it’s for sex or not! But every once in a while, things just come up. This time, though he was anticipating meeting up with Lucio Saints in the locker room at Toolbox HQ, he was detained and unable to even alert Lucio. The tattooed Spaniard was disappointed but he made do. He was extremely horny and still in need of getting off. So out came the Fleshjack. He strokes his massive uncut tool to complete erection and how he doesn’t pass out is beyond us. With the assistance of the sex toy, as well as the occasional pump and grope from the cameraman, Lucio gives you a solo that makes you feel — and wish! — as if he’s there just for you and your incredible urge to fall to you knees and worship the one single thing you now you deserve. Cock!

Lucio Saints jerks off with a Fleshjack

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