Muscle Bear Spencer Reed Gives Scott Hunter A D-E-E-P Fuck

Sex is almost always at least the number 2 thing in most every man’s mind. And why not? It feels good to lose yourself in consensual animalistic pleasure. Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter are no different. But there was something about this pairing that made us wonder. Easy-going, laid-back American muscle bear Spencer laid into Scott’s prime Grade A beefy ass as if it were his own to take, mark, and possess. And by the time the usual dick sucking and rimming had taken place, Spencer slid home with one thrust and completely claimed Scott’s hole. Of course, we weren’t in Scott’s…uhhh, jockstrap?…but from the sounds he was making and the look on his face, we figured this power bottom transcended to a totally new level that only Spencer could have inspired. Could this be love? We’re not sure about that. The jury’s still out but we know one thing. It was one hell of a lustful experience!

Scott Hunter sucks Spencer Reed then gets fucked until Spencer cums in his mouth

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