Dominic Pacifico Takes JP Dubois For A Ride

Running a hotel isn’t as easy as it might look. It’s a well-greased machine where every person, like a cog in an engine, does it’s part to make their functions run smoothly. Just ask JP Dubois, the young twink manager of The Dreamboy Hotel. When things run smooth it’s great but when troubles mount, and the help just isn’t there, it can’t seem overwhelming at best. But that’s why the men from The Toolbox are running rampant at the chic boutique hotel, doing what they can to repair damages and restore some order into the business. Dominic Pacifico is just one of those men. And he’s been watching JP as he takes on more and more stress. And what better way to get rid of that stress than with a neck massage? But as any of you might already know, a simple and seemingly innocent neck rub can lead to far more. And in this case, it does. Lucky for JP! Dominic grabs hold of JP and manhandles the twink the way twinks should. Sometimes rough, sometimes slow and sensuous. And after all the dick sicking is over there’s nothing left but the fucking. Deep, hard, and wonderfully close so you can see every inch of Dominic’s thick tool as he uses JP’s hole for his own pleasure and takes the boy for a ride.

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