An EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Look At AMF, April 2012

At Trojan’s Toolbox Headquarters, we’ve seen and heard a lot. But in this exclusive Behind The Scenes look at the latest and upcoming hot scenes, the men are even more incredible than ever. Yes, there’s the usual hilarity. There’s also the very clear understanding that it’s not just about fun and games. When the cameras are rolling, it’s about bringing you the best sex we can with the most masculine fuckers. In between, though, they discuss everything under the sun from clubs to philosophy. And you know what? From time-to-time we come across an electrifying pairing that both sizzles and makes us wonder if wedding bells aren’t in the near future? Come join Felix Barca and Thierry Lamasse, Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter, Lucio Saints, Tate Ryder, Nathan Price and Conner Habib. And, naturally, a “Behind The Scenes” just wouldn’t be complete without muscle bear Daddy Trojan Rock feeling up the sexy, willing workasked. Oh, yeah. Being the King definitely has it’s perks!

AMF Behind The Scenes Exclusive, April 2012

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