Boot And Nipple Fetish With Dolan Wolf

When you say the word fetish there are many who think of leather, sex toys, whips and chains. But the fact is there is so much more to it than that. Basically anything unusual that turns you on sexually can be considered a fetish. Take Dolan Wolf for instance. This hot and hairy guy has a lot of them. Nipple play is just one of many. Here he is, waiting for Trojan Rock. When the muscle bear doesn’t show up, however, Dolan starts jerking off in his overalls, exposing his hairy chest and playing with the cups covering his nipples; which are hardwired directly to his cock! Then he reveals yet another fetish. Boots. Dolan loves the smell, the feel, the way his cock throbs when he whacks it with one of them. The dirty fucker cums all over the sole of his own boot then licks it off with a smile. So? What fetish do you have? Don’t have one? Maybe you should start exploring.

Dolan Wolf Explores Boot And Nipple Fetish Solo

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