Gio Cruz Jerks Off At Toolbox HQ With Fleshjack And Trojan's Help

Trojan Rock runs a tight ship at Toolbox HQ. That means sometimes he has to keep tabs on his employees. But it’s not always to make sure their up to relax. Sometimes he just likes to watch. Like Driller, played by Gio Cruz. Trojan secretly videotapes the tattooed muscle jock while changing into his workman’s uniform while in the locker room. However, being the exhibitionist that he is, instead of being pissed off, Driller beckons Trojan to come closer while he’s got his cock in hand. And who can resist an offer like that? So Trojan moves on in and keeps filming Gio as he pulls out a Fleshjack, plays with the hole, lubes himself up and starts masturbating with the popular sex toy. Up and down on his throbbing, curved tool, Gio thoroughly enjoys himself. In fact, he’s so turned on he unzips Trojan’s cock and sucks him while Trojan uses the Fleshjack on Gio’s beautiful tool. It’s not long before Gio spews a really huge and wonderfully messy cum load all over his tight abdomen. Wanna lick? Slurrrp!

Gio Cruz Jerks Off With Fleshjack At Trojan's Toolbox With Trojan's Help

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