Issac Jones and Valentin Alsina's Game Of Twister Leads To Sex

Not much work has been coming in at Trojan Rock’s Toolbox. Sadly, even Trojan himself has been falling arelax at his desk at HQ while waiting for the phone to ring. You can just imagine how his men must be feeling. Bored. Idle hands. The devil’s work. So what do Issac Jones and Valetin Alsina do in order to pass the time? They decide to play a game of Twister while hanging about in the employee locker room. The hot, sexy men get into compromising positions. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know the men are naked, making out and sucking cock. Bet you didn’t think that could every happen from a simple game, now, did ya? Naturally, with all that dick sucking, Valentin’s incredible oral fixation kicks in and he becomes insatiable. He can’t get enough of Issac’s ass and gives in to a long bout of butt munching before mounting him and fucking his tight hole. The tattooed studs take turns and there’s a lovely cum-filled finale that shows off Issac’spièce de résistance – extreme distance ejaculation! Wham-O!!

A Game Of Twister Causes Issac Jones and Valentin Alsina To Have Sex

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