Mark Summers Gives Bruno Knight The Gift Of Massage

Trojan Rock, head of Trojan’s Toolbox, can be a tough boss at times. But that’s only because he demands excellence in service, no matter what the project and regardless of whether he’s giving or getting. This is why, when one of his men goes above and beyond the call of duty to truly satisfy a customer, Trojan likes to reward them. Here, he’s rewarding Hammer, played by Bruno Knight, with the gift of massage. Before sending Mark Summers off to work on Hammer, however, Trojan samples Mark cock service before sending him to work on Bruno. Obviously pleased with Mark’s skills and abilities, Trojan sends him off to work on Bruno, already waiting face down on a massage table. The grunting and groaning begin almost immediately, once Mark lays his talented hands on Bruno’s back. Soon, however, it’s Bruno’s hands that are working…to get at Mark’s cock! The bearded, masculine hunk pulls Mark’s dick out of his sweatpants and starts to suck. Next thing you know Mark has Bruno flipped over and working on the juicy cock with his lips and throat, taking Bruno all the way down to the balls. Bruno returns the favor again but quickly moves on to Mark’s hot ass. While the masseur is on hands and knees, ass up and pushed back for easy access, Bruno rims the delicious pink pucker, fingering and stretching him out before mounting Mark. Bruno fucks Mark’s tight hole with a fury, unleashing his pent-up stress before relaxing with a rush of cum. Nothing beats a massage with a happy ending!

Bruno Knight Receives Massage With Happy Ending From Mark Summers

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