Sucking Dick In Employee Locker Room – Gio Cruz And Issac Jones

At Trojan’s Toolbox, the men are getting restless. They report to work but have little to do. And you know what they say, idle hands and all that. But in this case, it seems nobody minds Gio Cruz and Issac Jones having idle hands as they’re definitely enjoying their devil’s work! And who wouldn’t? Take a good look at the two hot men in those blue uniforms. Really look at their bodies and beer in their smoldering sexuality. The two practically ooze masculinity as they play their game of cards in the employee locker room while waiting for something to do. Meanwhile, why not get into a bit of sex to relieve some of their stress and pressure? Gio and Issac unzip and strip out of their uniforms before jerking off then devouring each other’s cock. They wind up in a 69 position that’s positively a cock sucker’s delight. So for those of you who enjoy and get off on cock worship, make sure you catch this explosive installment!

Gio Cruz And Issac Jones Have Cock Sucking Session In Employee Locker Room

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