Tattooed Muscle Jock Harley Everett Stretches Then Fists Dolan Wolf's Hole

At Toolbox Headquarters, Trojan Rock isn’t happy. And when Trojan is unhappy you can count on one thing. Whomever caused Trojan’s dissatisfaction will meet with a good and proper punishment. Sadly it’s Wrench, one of Trojan’s biggest, hottest, most in-demand workers. Played by Harley Everett, Wrench has brought in a paltry 7% profit compared to his fellow co-workers. And so, while everyone else at HQ is getting massages as a reward, Harley has to give the masseur the massage instead of the other way around. At first somewhat begrudgingly, Harley starts working on Dolan Wolf who’s face down on the table. But when Harley gets a load of the hairy muscle cub’s beefy ass he starts to massage it, kneading it, plying the cheeks open to expose the man’s hungry pink hole. Before you know it, the two are like rough Gods going at each other like pigs. In fact, Harley goes after Dolan’s ass with a vengeance, eating out the man’s hairy hole with fervor. Soon after, the toys come out and they are fucking huge! Using one, then the other, Harley slowly stretches Dolan’s hole in preparation for the fisting he’s got planned. The result is Dolan, eyes practically rolled back into his head experiencing religious rapture as Harley works his gloved fist deep inside him, past the wrist, and literally fisting the cum out of Dolan. But Harley then rewards Dolan further by shooting a load of cum into his mouth. We’re still wondering who exactly was the one being punished here; if anyone!

Dolan Wolf Stretched And Fisted By Hung Tattooed Muscle Jock Harley Everett

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