Trojan Rock Takes Us Behind The Scenes December 2011

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the past year’s events and look forward to the new year’s prospects. In this segment, Trojan Rock kind of does a bit of that. He sets out to show members an EXCLUSIVE look at what was going on at Toolbox HQ during December 2011 with a bit of a taste of what’s coming up for 2012. Featuring Issac Jones, a tattooed, French hottie with perpetual facial stubble, masculine bottom Ben Brown — who gets into some very unique positions for Loz, our director, to get those dirty, deep camera angles while Ben gets plowed by Issac. You’ll also get a taste of Valentin Alsina, a relative newcomer to porn, as he shows off his hairy ass at a photo shoot and then during a filming session with hung, tattooed muscle jock Gio Cruz. Trojan also shows you how much fun Bruno Knight has shagging Mark Summers! And what better way to end the year than with a steamy look at some hot anal play with good, old-fashioned fisting. Even those of you who might not be into watching a hot hole open up to take a fist will find this one to be a particularly mouth-watering exception. We hope 2011 was as much fun and interesting as it was for Trojan Rock and all of his men at The Toolbox. Wishing you loads and loads of cum in 2012.

Behind The Scenes At AMF, December 2011

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