Trojan Rock Takes Us Behind The Scenes, January 2012

Whether you call it the Winter Blues, the Doldrums, or the Blah’s. Whatever the term, no matter what, the gray cold weather is going to get you at some point. When this happens, it’s very important to do things you like. It gives you something to look forward to. And that’s why we’re here now. Naturally, we can’t guarantee this scene will take you away to far-off, sunny warm places but hopefully it can help lighten your day, if not your balls. Join pornstar Trojan Rock as he teases you with what’s coming up. First, say hello to Maxwell B. directing masculine hairy stud Jason Torres and handsome slut puppy Dolan Wolf — not that they need much direction, these guys are on fire! — in addition to muscled hunk Gio Cruz with sexy Frenchman Issac Jones, playing a game of cards that leads to a filthy cock sucking and butt munching session. We also get to see yet one more of Dolan’s off-screen talents and Trojan shows us how excruciating and self-sacrificing it is to film a jerk-off scene with beefy muscle cub Ben Brown. Speaking of which, we’ve always known Ben was a bit of a whore who enjoyed getting his ass played with. The footage of him teasing himself with a hammer only proves it! Don’t believe us? Go ahead. Have a look!

Behind The Scenes At AMF, January 2011

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