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Cock And Ball Worship With Issac Jones And Dominic Pacifico

Okay, so maybe cock and ball worship isn’t exactly the main event in this scene from AMF, with Issac Jones and Dominic Pacifico. However, there’s a hell of a lot of slobbering, sucking, and special attention to a big pair of balls, as well as both dicks, which can only be described as worship. In fact, you can almost see a certain religious fervor with which these two go at each other! Pitching a tent of their in their shorts, as opposed to the tent they’ve just walked into, these men get sweaty, licking, kissing and sucking each other. And as if that weren’t enough, the chemistry between these two men is so incredible that something as simple as finger fucking, is as arousing as watching Issac’s big dick penetrate the American versatile bottom hunk and fuck the cum out of him.

Issac Jones and Dominic Pacifico worship the others cock and balls before fucking in a tent

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