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Take a peek Behind the Scenes at HustlaBall 2012

AlphaMales was front and center at HustlaBall 2012 in Berlin and our models made a huge impact on the scene. Our stage orgy featuring Adam Killian, Aitor Crash, Dominic Pacifico and Spencer Reed literally stopped the show. Seven ripped Alphamales models, stripped naked, fucking, sucking and pounding each other in front of hundreds of frenzied fans at HustlaBall was the thrill of a lifetime. Catch a preview of sizzling scenes featuring Tom Colt and Nathan Price (RIP) getting primal and dirty in the back room of a sweltering club, highlights of the Hot Rod Awards and scenes from our other amazing live shows: Spencer Reed wins Top of The Year 2012 and gives an amazing display of his prowess, devouring Sam Barclay, fucking his tight young hole and spraying him with buckets of cum. Hearthrobs Dominic Sol and Morgan Black also appear in a bonus scene, fucking passionately on the stage to the roaring approval of the crowd.

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Dominic Pacifico Takes JP Dubois For A Ride

Running a hotel isn’t as easy as it might look. It’s a well-greased machine where every person, like a cog in an engine, does it’s part to make their functions run smoothly. Just ask JP Dubois, the young twink manager of The Dreamboy Hotel. When things run smooth it’s great but when troubles mount, and the help just isn’t there, it can’t seem overwhelming at best. But that’s why the men from The Toolbox are running rampant at the chic boutique hotel, doing what they can to repair damages and restore some order into the business. Dominic Pacifico is just one of those men. And he’s been watching JP as he takes on more and more stress. And what better way to get rid of that stress than with a neck massage? But as any of you might already know, a simple and seemingly innocent neck rub can lead to far more. And in this case, it does. Lucky for JP! Dominic grabs hold of JP and manhandles the twink the way twinks should. Sometimes rough, sometimes slow and sensuous. And after all the dick sicking is over there’s nothing left but the fucking. Deep, hard, and wonderfully close so you can see every inch of Dominic’s thick tool as he uses JP’s hole for his own pleasure and takes the boy for a ride.

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Hung, Hairy Young Dad Pounds Twink Hole Without Mercy

There are times when a sex scene is about much more than sex. It’s about more than getting off. Sometimes the connection two models make becomes about even more than just chemistry. It turns into something primal, something so necessary that even behind the camera, we can see how one can possess another. The bottom willingly gives himself over to the Top, lock stock and barrel. And the top takes him, body and soul, possessing his hole and making that man his own. It becomes about the contrast between the two and the urgent need to simply FUCK, one leading, the other following. This scene, with Damian Boss and Aaron Samuels, is one of those scenes.

Yes, there’s a premise. Damian is at The Dreamboy Hotel with several of his co-workers from The Toolbox to make repairs. Sweet, adorable Aaron plays the delivery boy who knocks at Damian’s door just as the hung, hairy young Dad is jerking off and about to cum. When he reluctantly answers Aaron’s knock and sees the twink in the hallway, the most amazingly hot, cock-dripping, mouth watering mind fuck of a scene plays out. Beneath it all, we think you’ll find a number of fantasies playing out in your mind, with your own scenario. Scenarios which, as intensely hot as they might be, they’re probably best left unspoken. You wicked, dirty thing, you!

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Aitor Crash Takes Everything Adam Killian Has To Offer

The rough and tumble masculine hunks from Trojan’s Toolbox are at The Dreamboy Hotel making repairs. But they’re not just fixing things. They’re also screwing twinks left and right! However, not all of the Men are playing with the “boys.” While Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed, and Damian Boss catch up with old friends or make new ones, Aitor Crash and Adam Killian retreat to make some repairs of their own. Or should we say, damage? But never fear, there IS such a thing as good damage. Like wrecking a hot, tight fuckhole. Never mind that Aitor originally wanted to take a nap before hitting the work hard. Adam took care of that by showing off his round, bubble butt. And with a sight like that, who could resist?

Aitor and Adam get down to business with some old fashioned cock sucking and making out, but not before they play with each others holes, rimming and tongue fucking musky scented, hairy cracks and puckered entrances. It’s almost as if one is trying to test the other, vying for the Top position. In this instance, there’s only one man going down with his legs up in the air and that’s only for a short while. The reason? He’s too busy getting fucked on his side, on his stomach, and doggy style. Yes, butch Spaniard Aitor takes Adam’s huge cock and gets completely hammered. In fact, he takes all of the man’s curved piece of meat and, if there were more, he’d take that, too. It’s deep penetration at it’s finest with some hot close-ups and one HELL of a thick, heavy, and explosive load that splatters all over Aitor’s ass and back. Who needs twinks when you can have a man like Adam and everything he’s got to offer?

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