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Marco Sessions Makes His New Year’s Resolution

This New Year’s Eve, before the clock strikes midnight, why not make the type of resolution Marc Sessions has made? Yes, it’s wonderful to be with friends and give each other a helping hand. But every once in a while, it’s nice to go off on your own. Reflect. Please yourself. Because, after all, no one can please you the way you can. There’s no rush and you can take as long as you like. But the best thing about internal introspection is that you can deep. VERY D-E-E-P. Don’t believe us? Just ask Marco!

Here he is, laying back all on his own while enjoying the time of his life on his new sumptuous sofa. First he tries out his most recent gift from Santa, slipping on the ice-jack over his cock and whacking away. Then, out comes his other new toy. A big, black dildo which Marco uses to spread his hole, stretching and getting it ready for yet one more huge toy he found under his Christmas tree. A flesh colored dildo that leaves him gaping before unloading with a tasty load of jizz. Marco’s resolved to spend a bit more time on his own…meditating, yeah, that’s it…meditating…until he can take two at the same time. Oh, we SO look forward to that day!

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Gio Cruz Jerks Off At Toolbox HQ With Fleshjack And Trojan's Help

Trojan Rock runs a tight ship at Toolbox HQ. That means sometimes he has to keep tabs on his employees. But it’s not always to make sure their up to relax. Sometimes he just likes to watch. Like Driller, played by Gio Cruz. Trojan secretly videotapes the tattooed muscle jock while changing into his workman’s uniform while in the locker room. However, being the exhibitionist that he is, instead of being pissed off, Driller beckons Trojan to come closer while he’s got his cock in hand. And who can resist an offer like that? So Trojan moves on in and keeps filming Gio as he pulls out a Fleshjack, plays with the hole, lubes himself up and starts masturbating with the popular sex toy. Up and down on his throbbing, curved tool, Gio thoroughly enjoys himself. In fact, he’s so turned on he unzips Trojan’s cock and sucks him while Trojan uses the Fleshjack on Gio’s beautiful tool. It’s not long before Gio spews a really huge and wonderfully messy cum load all over his tight abdomen. Wanna lick? Slurrrp!

Gio Cruz Jerks Off With Fleshjack At Trojan's Toolbox With Trojan's Help

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An EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Look At AMF, April 2012

At Trojan’s Toolbox Headquarters, we’ve seen and heard a lot. But in this exclusive Behind The Scenes look at the latest and upcoming hot scenes, the men are even more incredible than ever. Yes, there’s the usual hilarity. There’s also the very clear understanding that it’s not just about fun and games. When the cameras are rolling, it’s about bringing you the best sex we can with the most masculine fuckers. In between, though, they discuss everything under the sun from clubs to philosophy. And you know what? From time-to-time we come across an electrifying pairing that both sizzles and makes us wonder if wedding bells aren’t in the near future? Come join Felix Barca and Thierry Lamasse, Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter, Lucio Saints, Tate Ryder, Nathan Price and Conner Habib. And, naturally, a “Behind The Scenes” just wouldn’t be complete without muscle bear Daddy Trojan Rock feeling up the sexy, willing workasked. Oh, yeah. Being the King definitely has it’s perks!

AMF Behind The Scenes Exclusive, April 2012

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Fuzzy Brit Dolan Wolf Fucks Hairy Latin Stud Jason Torres

The men at Toolbox HQ are beside themselves for want of something to do. This time, it’s hairy muscle man Jason Torres and strapping, handsome co-worker, Dolan Wolf that are sitting about in the employee locker room with nothing to do but check out hot guys on Grinder. But none are as hot as these two sexy fuckers and when they realize there’s chemistry between them, the two bearded hunks start going at each other. These dirty, filthy, sweaty men get into spitting, sucking each other, and near domination as they take turns devouring cocks. After a major 69 session Jason offers up that sweet, hot ass for Dolan to pound. The sexy beasts fuck hard and deep, arranging then re-arranging themselves in all sorts of wonderfully slutty positions before Jason takes a load of Dolan’s fresh cum on his fur-lined belly. If you haven’t figured out by now that the men at Alphamale are 100% pure, unadulterated, dirty fuckers who live to fuck and fuck to live, then you owe it to yourself to check out Trojan’s Toolbox and his very shaggable men!

Hot Studs Jason Torres Fucked In Locker Room By Dolan Wolf

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Masculine Power Bottom Dolan Wolf Fucked By Lucio Saints And 9.5″ Of Uncut Monster Cock

Trojan Rock has hired Breaker, the latest addition to his Trojan’s Toolmen and a particularly useful man at the Toolbox! As we’re about to find out. Played by Lucio Saints, it’s Breaker’s first day and he’s in the locker room getting ready for work with super-hot, hairy and talented power bottom Dolan Wolf, who plays Slide. While Trojan watches, the sexually charged men strip down. Eager and always hungry for cock, Dolan gets a wonderful surprise when Lucio reveals an uncut monster cock that’s 9.5″ long, extremely thick, and yet looks far bigger! Dolan gets his throat and face fucked by the enormous slab of meat then gets his manhole fingered, tongued and fucked. He takes every single inch of Lucio’s throbbing shaft and then some. While getting plowed, his squirts his own jizz all over his belly, followed by Lucio who splatters an enormous load of cum all over Dolan’s already sweaty body.

Lucio Saints Fucks Dolan Wolf With 9.5 Inches Of Uncut Monster Cock

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