Can Damian Boss And Leo Domenico Be Long Lost Brothers?

Having no luck in reaching the men he needs from The Toolbox because they’re either too busy fucking or simply not available, Trojan is now exasperated and angry. He dials Damian Boss and finally finds someone willing to speak, despite the fact that Damian is relaxing with young hunk Leo Domenico. Because Damian’s only worked with Spencer a couple of times, he’s not much help to Trojan. Still, an appreciate Trojan asks Damian to meet with him the following Monday morning. Damian agrees and gets back to enjoying his time with Leo who, as far as we’re concerned, can pass for his long lost brother.

Damian and Leo trade blowjobs, tasting each other with great relish. After a while, Damian works Leo’s sweet tight hole with fingers and spit-slimed tongue, then fucks the young jock on all fours. But Leo enjoys riding cock. The Greek hunk gets comfortable, sitting on Damian and riding his cock until he gets the cum fucked out of him. When Damian is ready, he sprays his load all over Leo’s hot ass. Hmmm. Wonder why several of us here are licking our lips?

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