Goofing Off Behind The Scenes With The Men Of Alphamales

We love filming EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage for our members. You know why? It shows our men in a different light. It makes them more accessible and more human. As they goof off in front of the camera for our benefit, as well as blowing off some steam of their own, we encounter Joe Gunn and his real-life boyfriend, Geoffrey Paine, who talk about really bad English accents, make fun of strumpets, and even comment on the creative writing process as we show a bit of Yohann Banks getting spit-roasted by well-hung Joe and Geoffrey. Most importantly, though, we find out about blue balls. A true first for some of us here at the studio!

Next up is Dolan Wolf and Tiko. We get pervy and voyeuristic while watching Dolan fresh from the shower. Then we get a glimpse at Marco Sessions and his sometime fuckbuddy Antonio Garcia. The two have played together before so it was a fun, hot scene to film. And trust us when we say that each knew EXACTLY what buttons to push. Marco shares with us the joys of having a “real” job where he gets to dress up and wear specs. But not for long since Antonio is still teaching him how to swallow his enormous cock deep without crying or gagging. He even has some advice on how Marco can make more money with his ass. And with that ass…well, we’ll just keep our mouths shut for now. Finally, we get to see Leo Domenico and Adam Herst. A fun American, Adam has a wicked sense of humour and describes Leo as his very own, personal “Tower of London,” obviously a must see while on your next London sightseeing tour. Which made us really think about Leo’s cock. It really IS kinda big, isn’t it?

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