Hungry For Beef, Geoffrey Paine And Joe Gunn Skewer Tasty Yohann Banks

What do you do when you’ve just arrived in London and are starving to the point where you’ll eat anything, including fried chicken from a local take-away spot? Well, if you’re Geoffrey Paine, you dial a local, reputable establishment and order beef. After all, if you’re going to eat, might as well sink your teeth into something meaty, big and juicy that you can savor. Together with Joe Gunn, Geoffrey leads the way to Yohann Banks, waiting patiently in his bed with a book for the huge pieces of meat HE is craving. Yohann ends up juicing over both tasty pieces of meat and, since both Geoffrey and Joe are beautifully hung, Yohann definitely enjoys sucking on one, then the other slab of beef before trying to take them both at once. But greedy little piggies end up being skewered, as Yohann quickly learns.

Joe rims Yohann while Yohann chows down on Geoffrey. Then they swap position so each man can marinade the tight pink hole with their spit before skewering, spit-roasting, and tag team fucking one of our favorite masculine bottoms. It’s a good thing Geoffrey and Joe know how to share this buffet that ends up coated with HUGE, very thick and creamy manjuice before finally spewing his own load all over his own sweaty, cum-drenched torso. Take THAT Gordon Ramsey!

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