The Italian Lover

Once upon a time there was a big man with a sexy smile. He’d give you one look and your insides would turn to mush. He’d open his mouth to speak and his accent alone would be enough to make you wet. And then he’d give you a backrub with those thick, long fingers. You know, the kind that could grip you tightly and make your pulse quicken. And his cock, that thick, uncut, incredibly fat tool would work it’s way inside you to the point where you felt as if you would surely die. But that’s when he’d kiss you, thrust his tongue inside you. This was a man who had his finger on the pulse of whatever it is that turns men to whores. Even the top ones. But that was the Italian man. Those of us lucky enough to cross paths with him were usually left with nothing more than our explicit, burning memories, spoiled for any other lover once he’d picked up and gone. The Italian lover.

Italians have long since had a reputation for being passionate about life and Antonio Garcia is no exception. From Sardinia, Antonio fits the mold to a “T.” Not only is he all of the above things we mentioned, he’s more. We were first introduced to Antonio by a mutual friend. After a bit of conversation he invited us — specifically Jack, our cameraman — to come visit him at his south London flat. When we arrived, there was Antonio, shirtless, casual in a pair of VERY loose-fitting sweatpants. But when this fit, fantastically hairy sexy beast whipped out his cock, we were gone. Uncut. Thick. With a slight curve. Antonio has 8 inches of prime Italian beef and he had no problem jerking off for the camera. In fact, he seemed to be having so much fun that even Jack couldn’t resist giving Antonio a helping hand as he stroked himself towards a massive climax, unleashing a huge amount of spunk. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every Italian man you’ll meet will be like this Marcello Mastroianni look-alike but it sure as hell will be fine sampling them all!

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