The Rim Job

Yohann Banks knows how to work it. Just like he knows how to work his boss. Example, everyone thinks Trojan is someone to be feared because he’s big, hairy, and burly. But when it comes to his staff, no one cares about them more. So perhaps that’s why Yohann’s called in sick? Or could it be because he had Ben Statham in bed with him, working his ass and giving him a good rim job? For those of us who know Yohann, who know how much he enjoys men who make a meal of his ass, well…let’s just say if YOU were getting the type of treatment Yohann was getting, you’d call in sick as well!

There’s a lot of dick sucking in this scene, each hot stud opening his mouth to service bit meat, but it’s all about the ass. Tongue in hole. The rim job. And it is intense! But when all is said and done, get ready for some deep, hard fucking, too! Ben fucks Yohann on his back, then takes him up against the wall as if he were ready to frisk him down. Well, if this is what it’s going to be like, then hell, we’re facing the wall, spreading our own legs and sticking out butts out! With such a hard, rough fuck, Yohann can barely contain himself. He shoots a load with Ben still up his ass, then Ben sprays what can only be called a torrential downpour of cums all over Yohann’s freshly fucked ass.

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