Just Why IS Gio Cruz The Most Wanted Employee At The Toolbox?

Each and every single man who works for Trojan Rock at The Toolbox is a valued and trusted employee. Still, some are valued more than others and are repeatedly Employee-of-the-Month. These are the men that go above and beyond the call of duty in providing the utmost care when it comes to customer service. Naturally, when Trojan welcomes back Justin King to his team of hot men, he introduces the burly British muscle cub to Brazilian bombshell, Gio Cruz. Super cute, ultra sexy, and über hung, Gio exudes a quiet confidence that is clearly visible the moment his fat uncut dick comes out. But could this be the reason for Gio’s popularity? Is it really his massive cock that makes him the most wanted employee at Toolbox HQ? Justin investigates for himself, sucking the fat piece of meat, then giving up his hot, hungry ass for Gio to rim then pound hard and deep. By the time they’re done Justin knows EXACTLY why Gio is the most wanted employee at The Toolbox. And guess what? It’s everything about him that makes one of the biggest and best. But, yeah. It ALL starts — and ends — with that massive cock!

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