Topping Issac Jones

It’s not that Issac Jones doesn’t get fucked. It just doesn’t happen often. That’s why, when it does, it’s an event for those of us who adore the hung tattooed Frenchman and fantasize about eating out the sexy fucker’s hole. Can you imagine what he must taste like? What it must feel like as his tight hole swallows you and makes you sweat from the incredible heat his body gives off? Lucky for Samuel Colt, he doesn’t have to imagine. Or should we thank Trojan Rock? Let’s backtrack a little, shall we?

Samuel’s holiday in London is coming to a close and he wants to say his goodbyes to Trojan, thank him for his hospitality and his help in making Samuel’s visit a pleasurable one, filled with hot memories. The only problem is that Trojan is otherwise occupied. However, to make it up to Samuel, the muscle bear daddy of all daddies sets something up for Samuel as a bit of a going-away present. A session with none other than, you guessed it, Issac Jones. When the two men meet, it’s a contradiction in…well, practically everything! One big and beefy, the other slim and trim. But when it comes right down to it, there are a few things the two hot men share. A love of big fat cock, a hunger to suck down thick meat, and the thirst for a tight, juicy hole. Issac takes one mean fuck, splattering a ridiculously huge load of cum all over Samuel’s hairy chest before the muscled American fires one off of his own with Issac’s help.

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