Behind The Scenes of Beefy Builders

This week, Alphamales takes you on an EXCLUSIVE tour in this Behind The Scenes look at the making of Beefy Builders. But first, let’s set-up the scenario, shall we? It’s London, and it’s snowing. Again! However, the heat inside — at Trojan’s Toolbox Headquarters — is definitely cranked to boiling! Here’s where we meet sexy hunk/model/pornstar/singer Jessy Ares. Or was that Jesse Ares? We never could get that straight. At any rate, Jessy is quite busy with our old friend Tiko. Who, as it turns out, was an anal virgin; until this scene. That’s right, gents. Tiko has never been fucked before and the lucky S.O.B. to pop his cherry was Jessy. Naturally, Trojan puts in a very brief appearance. We swear this man can smell hunk at 200 paces without ever even looking to see who’s around him. But his appearance is short-lived as he had to dash. We move on to another all-time favorite at the Toolbox, Gio Cruz. He’s been paired up with an old flame of ours, Marcus Troy. The two got along famously, cracking jokes and having some laughs. Definitely a fun day. However, THE most prized and awaited moment was the scene with Jessy and Justin King. These two did more than just hit it off. They were like long-time boyfriends! It seems Jessy is a huge sucker for hairy men and with Justin being so hairy, well, you get the picture. This was about more than big dick, meaty asses and cute faces. This was EXPLOSIVE! In fact, it was so hot that Jessy had to stop mid-fuck to take a breather. And in case you’re wondering, yes. Justin’s ass is THAT hot. KA-BOOOOOM!

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