Drilling Justin King

Jessy Ares and Justin King are sent out to fix some plumbing. But as it turns out, the plumbing that needs fixing is theirs! Metaphorically speaking, of course. Justin has his head under the bathroom sink with his meaty ass exposed to Jessy who can barely avoid staring at the mouth watering site. After succumbing to his curiosity and desire to rip Justin’s uniform apart — due to the hole that seems to wink at Jessy — the two get into a hot, steamy mess of making out and clothes flying. Justin’s ass is like a red flag to a bull and it’s all Jessy can think about, literally diving in tongue first. After the two explore each other’s hairy bodies, Justin gets Jessy up against the wall and starts sucking the thick, curved piece. When the heat of his mouth becomes too much, Jessy slams Justin on the bed and returns the favor. But only for a little. Having had a taste of Justin’s beefy globes and musky scent, Jessy goes back for that hairy ass, eats it out like it belongs to him and fucks it like it’s never going to be fucked by anyone else, ever again. And after drilling Justin’s hot ass, Jessy shoots all over Justin before Justin pumps out a massive creamy load of his own.

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