Gagging And Pounding Dolan Wolf

On another job site Dolan Wolf is enjoying a little me time when hot, Italian Daddy Antonio arrives, turning the “me” into “us.” The man goes straight for Dolan’s mouth and cock and the bearded pup is all too happy to let the top man do what he does best: take charge. After practically ripping off Dolan’s T-shirt off and playing with his nipples, Antonio guides the man’s mouth to his throbbing meat. Dolan likes to be gagged and Antonio likes to gag, so it’s a win-win for both. And who can argue when Dolan’s got every throbbing inch of Antonio’s thick, uncut Italian manmeat jammed down his throat? Antonio reaches for Dolan’s ass while his cock is still deep in his throat. He bends over and licks the hairy hole but before he can impale the man, Dolan turns on his back and Antonio sits on his face to gets his balls serviced. He decides to return the favor, sucking Dolan, then pulling his legs up to free him from the rest of his clothes. Slapping his cock on Dolan’s hole, Antonio then power-drills the hungry cock pig from all angles before pushing him up against the wall and fucking until Dolan shoots a massive load from the power behind the thrusts. Antonio shoots immediately after and showers Dolan’s hairy ass with hot cum. This trashy scene filled with dirty talk is an absolute must see!

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