Practical Skills At Play In An Interview

Yohann Banks has taken over interviewing Ken Ten, a new applicant. His directive from Trojan Rock is to find out how good the candidate is in a practical situation. Yohann takes the lead and gives Ken a simple exercise to perform. Except it’s really just an excuse to get his hands on the street lad! Before long, he’s unzipping Ken and pulling his trousers down. Upon revealing the meaty mixed-race cock Yohann drops to his knees and begins to worship: as it should be with a piece like Ken’s. The two then migrate to the sofa where Yohann can keep sucking cock while giving up his ass for Ken to fondle. Ken starts poking around the wet and willing hole before diving for a good tongue fuck. He goes at it, alternating fingers with tongue, until it’s time to push his big fat dick inside Yohann’s tight and hungry hole. They fuck while standing then move back to the sofa where Yohann sits on Ken, fucking himself until he blows his load all the way down his leg. Ken finishes himself off and shoots his load on Yohann’s chest. Yeah. We think Ken’s definitely got the job!

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