Jessy Ares Jerks Off In The Lockerroom At Work

Ever have such a crappy day that the only thing that will lift your spirits is a good jerk-off session? Very few things can fix a bad day like some good old fashioned masturbation. Especially if it’s in a unique place to get the blood pumping and the testosterone flowing. That’s what happened with Jessy Ares. After a bit of work at The Toolbox that didn’t go quite right, he clocked out and couldn’t wait to get home to jerk off. So Jessy unzips right there in the locker room and goes to town, working his throbbing, curved cock and sticking his meat in the locker and fucking some rough fabric. Jessy likes it hard that way. But after a while, he sits back on the work bench and really starts stroking, eventually stripping down, laying on the bench, and thrusting his throbbing shaft through the wooden slats before turning around and releasing his tension in a copious flow of freshly churned cum. And now that the day is truly over, time to hit the showers and go home.

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