Jessy Ares Tops Tiko’s Hot And Meaty Ass

Jessy Ares and Tiko

Jessy arrives at the work site with his toolbox and construction vest to find Tiko already waiting, dressed in his blue jumper. The job has been on hold for a few hours already so Jessy figures, what’s an extra half hour? He’s horny as fuck and needs to get off. And with sexy Tiko willing and ready, Jessy walks up to him, pulls him up and they get down to business without a word. As they explore each other, tasting flesh, licking armpits, teasing nipples, both men are soon aroused to where their cocks are rock hard and swinging freely. Surprisingly, Tiko takes the lead, dropping to his knees to taste Jessy’s cock and balls. And what a beautiful set they are, too! But here’s the thing: Jessy loves his balls licked but he also loves sucking cock down to the balls. And with a fine Latin specimen such as Tiko, Jessy gladly returns the favor, satisfying his own oral cravings to have something huge and meaty crammed down his throat.

Being a top, it’s only natural for Jessy to want to thrust his tongue into small, puckered, tight crevices. He moves away from Tiko’s cock and towards his hole, devouring the rarely used delicacy. We figure Jessy must be good at getting Tiko all wet and primed because he decides to let Jessy fuck him, despite the fact that the hung Latino isn’t used to get his hole stretched, stuffed, then pounded. But what a beautiful sight it is to behold, watching Tiko getting fucked! Soon, however, Jessy decides to scratch one more itch. He moves from Tiko to a stepladder where he presents his own ass to Tiko for the stud to do with what he will. Tiko happily drops to his knees again, this time to eat Jessy out, before standing and shoving his meaty shaft inside. Jessy gets fucked till his ass is about to drain Tiko’s balls, leading to a messy unloading of jizz, all over Jessy’s hairy torso. Which makes us wonder, is this why it takes so damn long for construction to be completed?

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