Marcus Troy Is Late For Work. Again.

Marcus Troy is late for work, yet again. Lucky for the beefy, bearded hunk, Gio Cruz has brought along with him Marcus’s overalls. After tossing the overalls to Marcus, Gio kicks back and watches Marcus strip out of his regular clothes and into his blue uniform. And suddenly, the otherwise time conscious and customer service oriented workman gets distracted by the meaty globes that are Marcus’s hot, hairy ass. Perfectly showcased within the confines of a jockstrap, Gio has no choice but to go up to Marcus and with one smack on the ass, change the workflow. Instead of their regular assigned job, now Marcus is to give Gio a blowjob. The meaty hunk, knowing what Gio’s got packing, and hungry for big dick, barely even complains before dropping to swallow every inch — that’s right, every inch — of Gio’s humongous, fat, and curved cock. On all fours, Marcus backs up, thus allowing Gio to reach for his ass a bit more. When Marcus flips on his back and gets his throat fucked balls deep, he finds himself delirious in a 69 with his hole getting played with. Soon he presents his ass again to Gio — who is more than happy to lubricate it with his own spit — for pillaging and plundering deep inside Marcus. Gio drills his hole like a battering ram, making sure Marcus knows exactly how Gio got his nickname. Of course, it’s also as a form of punishment since Gio doesn’t like men who arrive late. Only men who cum on time. Strangely, we think Marcus got the point in the end.

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