All Alone With The Office Serviceman

How often hasn this happened to you? You’re all alone at the office and a hot serviceman turns up on the one day you really didn’t want to be there. Kinda makes what you previously thought was ill-spent time into something magical, doesn’t it? Okay, so even if it didn’t turn out the way it does for Sam Bishop, in this scene from Alphamales, the visit from the hunky repairman still left you with some smoking hot fantasies, didn’t it? Bet you were probably hard and had to rushing off to the men’s room to stroke out a quick one, didn’t you? Tsk, tsk. Jerking off on company time.

You might not be so lucky, or maybe you were — we don’t know — but Sam sure is the moment hunky Riley Coxx shows up. Sam is all alone and the office is empty so he takes the opportunity and all but jumps on Riley’s bone. Errrmmm. Boner. Riley welcomes the attention as Sam unzips his pants and whips his dick out for a wet, hungry blowjob. Can’t say we blame Sam for making a beeline for those hot, hard and throbbing 7-inches Riley has to offer. But then it’s Riley’s turn. He returns the favor and quickly finds himself with his face and tongue buried deep in Sam’s hairy ass. Priming and rimming the bottom for a fuck, Riley takes charge, working his slightly upwardly curved cock into the moaning greedy Sam who enjoys a deep hard fuck before getting his entire backside saturated with a load of cum that can only be described as spectacular! If only they gave out gold medals for this kind of orgasm.

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