Damian Boss Shows Valentin Alsina His Hard Drive

What do you do when your computer doesn’t want to start? Naturally, you call in the closest, hottest computer technician available and get him over quick! When Valentin Alsina turns up and tells Damian Boss that he has to take the computer away, Damian reacts differently from most. Instead of panic or throwing a temper tantrum, Damian goes for the goods. He places a hand on the man’s meaty ass and Valentin is quick to react by offering up his mouth. They kiss, exploring each other, then Valentin reaches for Damian’s cock. After stroking it, Valentin kneels and starts sucking on the man’s big piece of meat. Damian returns the favor after a while before bending Valentin over the shredder and eating his hole. But once he’s got that throbbing shaft buried deep inside, Damian shows Valentin his hard drive, pumping and pounding before leaving Valentin free to fuck himself, working his cock until they’re both ready to shoot. Damian unloads on Valentin’s face then stands up, wanks himself off and shoots on Damian’s cock.

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